I was born in the north of England and now reside in Plymouth. The majority of my childhood was in the Cumbrian town of Sedbergh near the beautiful Lake District. During this time 

I was fortunate enough to receive watercolour lessons from local artist Monte Christopherson.


Monte was a highly regarded painter in the area and retired art teacher from the well known Sedbergh school.  My love of painting and expression through art was forged during these years and I treasure the memories of the lessons with that eccentric pipe smoking old gentleman whose patience and instruction played a pivotal role in laying the foundations of what I do today.



Over the years my work has sold from numerous galleries here in this country as well as international online purchases through my website.


From 2014/16 I was artist in residence at the Mayflower Arts gallery on Plymouth's historic barbican where the public could watch me paint in the gallery itself. My work has been viewed in numerous art exhibitions and art fairs in Devon.

I pride myself on creating high quality beautiful and meaningful art, using the finest quality pigments, surfaces and varnishes to bring you a fine painting that will stand the test of time. 


I try to avoid artistic trends or fashions because I believe art should be a journey of creative exploration which comes from within. I paint that which delights my curiosity and excites my imagination thus ensuring that my work will be original and unique, conceived and created through honest and happy dedication.