Where stone is broken

It was my pleasure last week to deliver this commissioned artwork to Emilia Fričová of Viničné, Slovakia. Emilia requested a painting of the quarry in Krnča (pronounced Kranc-cha) in theTopoľčany District of the Nitra region, Slovakia. Emilia grew up in the town near the quarry and has happy memories of this place and wanted a painting to remind her. We visited the area in December last year, it was quite funny because the quarry is still active and when we just turned up in a car to photograph the area the workers wondered what we were doing there until Emilia explained to them that she used to play there as a young girl and wanted a painting,

They looked at us like we were crazy (maybe) but once that matter was dealt with they kindly allowed us to explore a little so I could get the photographs for reference. Krnča is a very pretty little town with a low population nestled in a flat expanse of land leading up the distant mountains on all sides "Stunning".

(On the wall in Viničné

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