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For anyone following my blog I apologise for not updating it for some time now, but it is with good reason. I have been busy in the background beavering away painting "Woodland blue" plus another painting called "Where stone is broken" which is a private commission which will be going to Slovakia soon. This painting is currently at the framers, i cannot upload photos yet until the client has received the artwork first but I will upload pictures very soon.

I have also been re-varnishing some paintings which I felt required it. But the main thing which has been occupying my time recently has been in the activity of photographing my paintings in preparation for a print run. I have learnt from scratch how to correctly photograph paintings as the professionals do so

Learning to photograph artwork properly is no small task I can tell you. You need the correct lights...I got them. You need to get a good camera with a 50mm lense...I got them. You need a good monitor that can handle high quality images...i got one. You need a monitor calibration device to ensure correct and accurate colour representation...I got one. You need an Xrite colour checker passport to ensure the correct white balance and colour environment... I got one. I have invested a lot of money in equipment so that I can achieve the finest results possible for my limited edition prints.

Then came the learning process! "PHEW"! It took weeks of research and practise to understand exposure and aperture settings as well as the principles of Kelvin light temperature. etc. You also need to learn how to angle the painting and the lighting in order to minimise specular refraction.

I have managed to photograph approx 18 of my paintings already and they just need to be edited and cropped and then they will be ready for print.

I am very pleased that I have taken the time to learn this skill and it was worth every minute and every penny because it has also helped me to understand how light effects my paintings in a way I never knew.

I look forward to returning to the easel soon.

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