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Music has always been part of my life, I play by ear and recorded all this music in my home studio setups over the years.

I did attempt to get signed to a label  years ago and I made a little progress. I signed a couple of recording and publishing contracts with small time studios but of course they ended up going nowhere but music like art is in my blood and my love of it has never depended on commercial success.

My main instruments are piano followed by guitar but I also used many other instruments in the recording of this music like steel flutes, electric guitars, Whistles & Harmonica and basically anything I could get my hands on.

I composed all the music and lyrics and performed all vocal and instruments on this album. 

Although my songs were never destined to be heard by the general public the nice thing about the internet is that I don't need a record contract to share it with those who may happen upon my website.

You can listen to it anytime you like for free here on my site but if you do enjoy it and derive value from listening and would like to donate something and download all this music in one file to your device you can do so. I have set the price at £15 because that is the monthly cost of running this website. If you do so it is greatly appreciated Thank you

23 track Album

The copyright to all the musical compositions, lyrics and mechanical recording rights belong soley to myself and are protected by law. Copyright (c) James Peter Millward 2021