Finished & Curing on the wall

Greetings! A couple of weeks ago I posted how this painting was nearly finished, at the time I thought it was, little was I to know it had so much more to be done to it. Though I can officially announce it's finished, and the isolation coat is curing before I varnish it in a couple of days or so. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with what an "isolation coat" is, as the curing process of acrylic paints proceeds it forms polymer spheres which tighten and pull together to form the surface, this process leaves microscopic gaps between these spheres into which dirt and airborne contamination can ingress over the years dulling the artwork, however this can be stopped if the artwork is varnishe

Seascape Commission

A fabulous location and well loved to visitors and locals alike and I am delighted to announce that I have accepted a commission to paint a large acrylic depicting Bantham beach for a very nice family who live in Hampshire. This place holds great memories for them so I dearly hope to be able to capture the magic for them, in a large scale seascape. I will be visiting Bantham soon to connect with the energy here and gather photos for reference and work out the composition of the artwork, so I am glad that spring is ebbing closer and the weather will soon be kinder for this venture. In view of the fact that this is a private commission I will not be publishing any photos of the artwork until t

I've been framed

Fresh back from the man at Armada framing on the Barbican 3 of my works in beautiful new chunky frames, The tinges of gold and silver in the frame enhance the greens and blues in the paintings in a way I never thought possible. Great job on the framing Graham. I am absolutely delighted how they look. As I was photographing the paintings in the Elizabethan gardens a french lady (Tourist) approached me and engaged me in conversation regarding my work, she made a remark in french and was good enough to translate it for me, she said "Your work is "poetic nature". I felt very honored to receive such a kind remark. These 3 artworks are for sale and available via this website or from Mayflower arts

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