A little about me

Originating from the north of England, born in Huyton (liverpool) but grew up in Darwen and then Ribchester and when I was 9 years old our family moved to the town of Sedbergh near the lake district where In my mid teens I was taught to paint watercolors by a local artist called Monte Christopherson. 


Aged 18 the course of life led me south to Devon to take part in silly distractions from art, like a number of years as a chef in the Royal Navy and some time working working for the Royal mail. 


My fascination with nature and the expression of it through painting was firmly established during my younger years, being surrounded by lakes, valleys and mountains was such a joy.


I couldn't be more content than when I am sat in a woodland, meadow or by the ocean quietly observing everything around me. Nature speaks a truth to my soul and I want to paint it.

I paint seascapes, landscapes and also the more intimate scenes which often go overlooked, for example the intricate design in a tiny flower hiding in a hedgerow or a ladybird in the backdrop of it's natural environment.  Even the reflection of a summer sky in a quarry puddle. nothing is out of bounds if it interests me.

`james millward artist at Saltram plymouth
`james millward artist painting in Mayfloer arts gallery plymotuh barbican

Painting in the gallery at Mayflower arts (artist in residence).


My favourite paints are called Golden Open Acrylics, very fine quality slow drying pigments  similar to oil paints, sumptuously vibrant and the slow drying properties facilitate my style of painting perfectly, as I build up the image with many layers and glazes utilising the opacity as well as strength of the pigments to develop the artwork.

I also paint with pure and tinted graphite's on watercolour paper,  harnessing many of the techniques learned in my watercolour tuition with Monte, only with a very different result, a painting with high contrast, strong tonal values and a slightly shimmery metallic surface texture. 

 I have been sculpting for quite some years, Inspired by trip to the mysterious Wistmans wood on Dartmoor but that's another story. Shortly after which I began exploring abstract sculpture in the medium of wood.



Private commission "Caerula remo" (Blue ocean) completed, framed and ready for the buyer

Over the years my artwork has been exhibited & purchased through numerous local art galleries in Plymouth-Tavistock-Saltash-Plymstock. My online sales have carried my work as far as Switzerland, Australia and new Zealand and Oman. From 2014 - 2016. I was active as "Artist in residence" at Mayflower arts on the Barbican in Plymouth. My work has also enjoyed appearances in solo exhibitions and a variety of joint exhibitions, art shows & festivals.


Three paintings in watercolour that I did when I was only 14-15 years old featuring a Cornish fishing harbour. The harbour in Pyran(Former yugoslavia from a family holiday trip) and Carlisle cathedral 

pyran yugoslavia by james millward.jpg
carlisle cathedral by james millward.jpg